Student Profiles

Mohammad Al Munif
Name: Mohammed Al Munif
Nationality: Saudi Arabia
Course: IELTS 21
Date: November 2012 - June 2013

"The learning environment is amazing; the cosy, friendly, atmosphere of being surrounded by lovely teachers and students. Whenever you need someone to talk to, the teachers are approachable and always offer help. Never in my life have I seen students having such fun conversations and laughs with their teachers. This is very helpful as it eases the student's life away from home and helps them to get the most out of their experience here.

It's right that it's a language school, but you don't just get a language certificate out of it, it's much, much more. I learnt a lot through my stay here; I learnt diversity is good thing and must be respected and appreciated. With our differences in cultures, religions and traditions it is good to love and learn from one another.

Since I started studying at LSE my English skills have improved drastically which has made me do well in both general and in academic sectors. As a result of the creative, intense and fun IELTS classes I was able to go to The University of Liverpool and study my dream course in Genetics and Cancer Studies. I am now in my final year and I am hoping after I graduate to continue my education further."

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Andrea and cert

Name: Andrea Radwanska
Nationality: Germany
Course: General English - 25 Hours
Date: July - October 2016


"Spending time in Liverpool and attending the Liverpool School of English can be seen as a great life experience for myself. I really enjoyed my 12 weeks here for several reasons:

  • Firstly, I met many new friends from different countries with different cultures and stories.
  • Secondly, I concentrated fully on my language skills and integrated into British culture.
  • Thirdly, I experienced Liverpool as a vibrant city with very friendly inhabitants and a wide range of sights, e.g., two breath-taking cathedrals, the picturesque Albert Dock and the variety of museums.
  • Lastly, I travelled around and participated in excursions to wonderful and historic cities like Chester, Manchester, York, Conway and Llandudno."


"During my stay at LSE I was recommended to be a student ambassador. Generally speaking, the function of a student ambassador is to act as a mediator for students and the school. On the one hand, I was also a point of contact for students to get in touch with. On the other hand, I informed the school management about students' ideas and suggestions for the social programme and the school lessons. Personally, I would say it was a huge pleasure to be a student ambassador for this language school. In my opinion, it is significant that all students feel comfortable and can focus on improving their language skills in a friendly, warm and welcoming atmosphere between students such as between students and their teachers."


"Most of the students only associate studying at a language school with learning and concentrating fully on their language practice. It is crucial to note that although this is appropriate to a certain extent. An important point to consider is that improving one's own language skills can also happen outside of the school environment. I have some devices below:

  • Take part in social activities offered by the LSE. You have a great opportunity to meet new people, make friends and integrate into English society.
  • Try to use your acquired language skills to talk to your flatmates or your host family.
  • Avoid talking with students from your same country in your mother tongue.
  • Have fun and be open-minded towards English society and culture."


"I spent three memorable months studying at the LSE. I had the opportunity to gain new experiences, broaden my horizons and improve my English. Furthermore, I benefited from the methods used for teaching English as a foreign language. I got the chance to learn in a safe environment, get out of my comfort zone, challenge myself, make mistakes and learn from them. To sum up, I can speak English fluently and confidently now. LSE changed my life by giving me more self-confidence in speaking English."

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Amanda Schramm

Name: Amanda Schramm
Nationality: Brazil
Course: Teacher Development course with CLIL
Date: March 2015

Amanda is currently working as an English Teacher in Brazil. She wanted to take the Teacher Development course with CLIL as she intends to retrain as an art teacher in the future.

"The observations of lessons at the school were particularly useful, the teachers were great and I got a lot more new ideas for my classes. The tutors on the course were very supportive and knowledgeable. I think the course is amazing both for new teachers and for teachers with experience, I am more confident in my subject and also I have new ideas to try in my future classes"

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Celine Kunzli

Name: Celine Künzli
Nationality: Switzerland
Course: Cambridge CAE
Date: April - August 2016

"I worked in a shop on Bold Street (British Heart Foundation charity shop) for something else to do at the weekends. I liked it because the work was varied; I could work in the back sorting books, ticketing clothes and also on the till which I liked. It was useful for my English as I was speaking to native speakers; it was useful to hear 'real' English and different dialects, especially scouse!

I made a lot of friends, including people from different countries who were open to doing things at the weekends. Their English was very good as they've been here for a long time. It was really good.

I would you recommend doing this to other students because it really helps you with your English, especially your listening and speaking. It's also another activity to do at the weekends.

Outside of the classroom I think the most important thing to help you with your English is to find someone who speaks a similar level to you so that you can have an equal conversation. It's also good to find someone who is a higher level as they will know more phrases and expressions that you can pick up. For me it was also useful studying with students from your class as you have the same goals and are working for the same thing."

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Eamonn Foster

Name: Eamonn Foster
Nationality: British
Course: Trinity Cert TESOL
Date: January 2016

"Along with receiving lots of useful advice from the LSE teachers leading the course, I think that getting real teaching practice during the course- and the feedback which followed- was especially invaluable as it helped us to gain confidence and really notice our own progress as the course went on. The TESOL qualification set me up really well for professional teaching jobs; as a qualification it's a passport to more opportunities worldwide and as an experience it is excellent for gaining more confidence in the classroom. Within a month of finishing the course I got a two-month teaching post in Spain teaching adults and then I spent the summer teaching in LSE Summer School teaching teenagers. This month I have begun a year-long position teaching English in Bilbao and will be teaching students of all ages."

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Flavia Regina Lopes Gomes

Name: Flavia Regina Lopes Gomes
Nationality: Brazil
Course: General English (15 hours)
Date: August 2016

"The things I enjoyed the most were the helpful and friendly people here at the Liverpool School of English and the places that I visited.

My advice for new students is even if you are shy and feels that you don't have enough English vocabulary, like me, don't let this chance get away. Go on the trips with the school, go and see the local culture, try to enjoy every day doing something different. The little things that you do here create great memories.

The school encouraged me to speak in English; I feel a little more confident to talk in English now. I need to study and dedicate myself more, but the school helped me to lose my fear for the first time.

I will never forget this experience!"

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Rafael Flóro

Name: Rafael Flóro
Nationality: Brazilian
Course: Cambridge CAE
Date: March - June 2013

"The school itself was fantastic and I've enjoyed every single moment there. I think what I've enjoyed the most was the social programmes. I'm quite shy and it takes me some time to start getting on with people. All the trips and events helped me to feel comfortable with the other students. I'd strongly advise the students to take the most of the experience at LSE. Don't waste time being shy or only spending time with students who share the same mother language as you. Your purpose is to improve your English skills, so do so! Also, take the opportunity to get to know new people and new cultures. You'll be amazed at how wonderful this will be. I'm sure people will love your customs too.

I'm an English teacher where I live and the time I spent at LSE not only helped me to develop as both a student and a teacher but also to realise how brilliant the contact with many other cultures is! In addition, I got my second Cambridge certificate, which lifted me to another level regarding my profession.  Whenever I'm teaching something, I try to remember how the teachers from LSE used to do it. The response from my students is always fantastic. I've certainly become a better professional after being in touch with so many competent people, but the most important thing is that getting to know a variety of different and unknown cultures made me become a better person."

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