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On this page you can find all the information you will need to know before you become a host family. If you need any advice or if you have any questions then please phone us on 0151 706 0730 and ask for Ganna or Teresa, alternatively you can email us at

Before you become a host there are some things we will need:

  • A DBS check for everyone living in your home that is over the age 18
  • A Gas Safety Certificate
  • A Fire Safety Risk Assessment
  • A completed host family application form
  • A signed host family contract
  • Your bank account details - so we can pay you!

If you would like to download this checklist please click here

For infomation on securing your home network please click here

When you call us we will send one of a member of our Welfare Team to your home with all of the application forms that you will need and give you an induction - please do not worry about having to fill the forms in yourself.


Your spare room will need to have:

  • A proper bed - can be single or double
  • A table or desk so that the student can study and complete their homework
  • Hanging and drawer space for clothes and possessions
  • Adequate heating and lighting so the student can live comfortably
  • A change of bed linen and towels each week and a good supply of blankets - many students come from hot countries so they find Britain very cold!
  • The room should be clean and in a good state of repair with a window or source of natural light
  • The room does not need to have an en-suite bathroom but students should have access to a bathroom with a lock where they can bathe/shower daily
  • If you are hosting students over 18 you do not need to wash clothes for the student but they should have access to washing facilities in your home, if you are hosting our summer school students 12-17 years, then host families will be asked to wash clothes for them

If you would like to download this checklist please click here


Some advice for being a great host parent:

  • Encourage your student to speak English as much as possible in your home
  • Take an interest in your student - show concern for their safety and welfare during their stay
  • Respect the background of your student - they will be keen to learn about your culture and share their culture with you so  it would be great to have a conversation about what you both consider to be respectful
  • Encourage your student to feel at home - treat them like a member of the family rather than a paying guest in a hotel
  • Provide your student with a balanced and appropriate diet - you can find some great tips and information at the following websites:




  • Your home doesn't have to be silent - but your student should be able to study in peace in their room
  • Don't host another student of the same language at the same time, unless by special arrangement with both students and the school, please also be aware that students under 16 years of age cannot share the home with a student who is 18 years and above.

Remember - we have a dedicated accomodation team to help and support you with any questions you may have as a host. You can call us between 9-5 Mon-Friday, or email us at and we will do our best to help you!

You can download our detailed information pack called 'an international student abroad' here.

We have provided some Host Family Rules as a guide which may be helpful for you - especially if you are one of our new hosts. You can download them here.

If you are interested in becoming a host family, please email or call 0151 706 0730 and ask for Ganna or Teresa.

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