English in the Workplace 2017

English in the Workplace


Course Starts: Any Monday (where there is a Bank Holiday Monday courses will start on a Tuesday)
Levels: Intermediate-Advanced
Maximum Class Size: 15
Minimum Age: 16
Timetable: 6 lessons per week [2 afternoons per week 13:00-16:00]

English in the Workplace (Part-Time)

This business themed course provides practical business skills for students working or preparing for work in a wide range of industries. To develop these skills, our course covers a mix of dramatized business scenarios including meetings, presentations and negotiations.

We address key issues for companies and workers such as how to stay competitive or offer good customer service.

Outside the classroom you can use the LSe-Learning online platform to improve your English. You can also attend 3  free support classes per week to personalise your course and focus on your individual improvement.

If you're interested in this course you can email apply online today.

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Do you want more hours on your course? If you are Intermediate+ and choose one of our General English 21, 25 or 30 options then you will have the opportunity to choose English in the Workplace as an elective for your extra classes:

Other electives include:





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I’m very thankful to our teacher at school because the classes were great and we had a lot to discuss. The teaching staff are always helpful. Thank you for everything!

Elena - Russia