Science 2017

General English
+ Science


Course Starts:

  • 17th October-28th October 2016
  • 6th February-17th February 2017
  • 13th February-24th February 2017
  • 27th March-7th April 2017
  • 3rd April-14th April 2017
  • 22nd May-2nd June 2017

Levels: Intermediate-Advanced
Maximum Class Size: 15
Minimum Age: 16

  • Week 1-Language Course at The Liverpool School of English 
    • Timetable: 15 lessons per week [Monday-Friday 9:00-12:00 or 13:00-16:00]
  • Week 2-Laboratory Skills Training Course at BioGrad

(Additional weeks of language tuition available on request)

Fees include:

  • Coursebooks and materials (students studying 1-4 weeks will receive a loan book)
  • International student insurance
  • Access to LSe-Learning online platform valid for one year from the start of the course date
  • Access to Social Programme
  • Access to Free Support Classes

General English + Science

Our General English course is based on the methods that suit learners best! On this course you will get plenty of practice speaking, listening, reading and writing in English, as well as help with vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, using carefully chosen course materials from established publishers and complimentary materials. We use the communicative language approach and task based learning to ensure that you will get practical English knowledge and all the tools to enhance your English language skills.

Our General English + Science course is designed and delivered by real scientists at BioGrad to provide you with an opportunity to gain hands on experience using real laboratory equipment. Delivered in conjunction with our partners BioGrad, the course supports university and work experience applications, as almost all universities and employers now require previous laboratory experience before considering an applicant.

BioGrad teach at a very low student to tutor ratio (5:1) meaning that youare supervised and encouraged throughout your course. You will design your own experiments and develop independent research skills and gain confidence in your own ability.

The scientists teaching during the course provide insights into their industry and areas of research, and if you are looking for further work experience you will be directed to one of our partners or our recruitment consultants at SRG (with a reference if requested).

The laboratory skills programme includes training in the below areas:

Day 1 - Laboratory Introduction:

  • Laboratory Health and Safety including Risk Assessments and COSHH
  • Pipetting
  • Balances
  • Molar equations
  • pH meters
  • Plate readers
  • Data analysis including standard curves
  • Laboratory note book maintenance
  • Laboratory maintenance

Day 2 - Nano-Toxicology

You will use the skills you learned on day 1 to investigate the effect of toxic nanomaterials on lung macrophage cells.

Day 3 - Microbiology

You will learn aseptic technique, working with E-coli and B-subtilis to explore antimicrobial agents, perform gram stains and investigate bacteria in environmental samples

Day 4 - Immunology

(ELISA and Gel Electrophoresis). You will have the choice to perform an ELISA for the detection of HCG or analyse a number of protein samples using gel electrophoresis and coomassie blue staining.

Day 5 - Career Development Workshop, Student Presentations and Certifications

Career Development Workshop: You will learn about the many internship and funding opportunities available to undergraduate science students.

Student Presentations: At the end of the course you will present one of your experiments to the rest of the group in a formal presentation session.

You will be provided with certificates of attendance at the end of this event.ication

Attending a laboratory skills programme at BioGrad will allow you to meet with real scientists and learn techniques that will ultimately help you get a job. You will gain valuable insights into the range of careers and laboratory research opportunities available.

BioGrad have links with many companies who recruit interns and graduates based on recommendations. BioGrad aim to inspire students to enter a research career and offer help finding opportunities that most students are unaware of. The laboratory and office environments are very informal offering a relaxed and enjoyable environment for students to learn in.

Outside the classroom and laboratory you can use the LSe-Learning online platform to improve your English. You can also attend 3  free support classes per week to personalise your course and focus on your individual improvement.

If you're interested in this course you can email us for a quote.

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The school was very important to me to improve my English and now I am more confident about my speaking and writing, thanks a lot.

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