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Working with Liverpool Housing Trust (LHT) has been an incredible experience for us. The things they do, the way staff work and the way teams deal with people is amazing and we've been impressed. Helping people with disabilities is important and LHT shows passion doing this job.

- Anna




This work experience gprogramme gave me the possibility to met new people that are from different countries... I've met Turkish, Spanish, French, Russian, Korean people and learning English made me able to communicate with all of them. Day by day I've finally come to understand that this should be my future; understanding when other people speak in other languages. For all these reasons I've chosen to change my plans for the future, and two weeks ago I started university. I changed and I've opened my mind.

- Ricardo



During these four weeks we have learned the right way to renovate and maintain homes and they have taught us the how important it is to provide homes for people and the necessity to have people living in your properties.

- Luca





Thank you  for everything you did for me and all the other guys. This was the most beautiful experience of my whole life, I really feel like I grew a lot during the last five weeks: now I'm more mature and responsible, and also I'm more conscious about my life.  I learnt to know people, but also I learnt to know myself as I never did before . I met very beautiful people as friends but also at work; everyone was so kind and caring.

- Valeria



This experience has been important for me because I have improved my English and learned some new work techniques. In the lab the people were very friendly and funny too, I will miss them. I think this experience will help me with future work and in my daily life.

- Antoine



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